I've had the privilege of working with some incredible people and organizations over the years, as both a consultant and a program officer. Here's what they say about me:

Lynn Paltrow, Founder and Executive Director,
National Advocates for Pregnant Women:

I had the pleasure of meeting Andrea Lynch when she was working as a program officer at the Foundation for a Just Society. It was an honor to work with her not only because she made working with the foundation a straightforward and respectful process, but also because she brought so much knowledge and insight to the substantive work National Advocates for Pregnant Women was doing. Andrea is an informed listener who is exceptionally supportive, open to new ideas, and an excellent thought partner for developing new and effective approaches. I have already sought her advice in her current capacity as a consultant. I was blown away by her ability to instantly size up the situation, recognizing all of the dimensions involved—organizational, political, and personal. Andrea was then able to make extremely informed and useful suggestions. In every capacity, Andrea is an amazing asset to the non-profit advocacy community.

Mariam Armisen, Fund Development Coordinator, West Africa LGBTQ Activist-Led Fund and Network Coordinator of the Queer African Youth Network:

I had the privilege of working with Andrea for over four years in different capacities—as one of her grantee partners while she was the Program Officer at Foundation for a Just Society, and as a colleague as part of a consortium of funders and activists working to establish a LGBTQ activist-led fund for West Africa. In both contexts three things stayed with me: one is how Andrea brings her whole self into anything she engages in, second is her ability to translate a vision into granular details to inform the practical aspects of the work and, most importantly, how she remains grounded in and by the politics of the work.

I have had many long and passionate conversations and email exchanges with Andrea to discuss the work—authenticity, integrity, care, and a deep analytical presence are some of the things about her that always shone through. Andrea gave me hope in terms what type of relationship can develop between grantees and their program officers, and as a colleague, Andrea never shied away from discussing the messiness of the work while ensuring that at the end of the discussion, we would have a way forward. 

When you hire Andrea as a consultant, you are bringing in a person with a vast range of skills who will deliver more than she was hired for—she will leave you with a new appreciation of genuine collaboration.

Nicky McIntyre, Executive Director, Mama Cash:

I have had the distinct honor of working with Andrea for over 5 years—both in her role as a consultant who led Mama Cash in a mid-term evaluation of our strategic plan in 2011 and in her role beginning in 2012 as Program Officer at the Foundation for a Just Society.  
If you are looking for someone with integrity, creativity, fantastic listening and communication skills with all kinds of people, and a deep understanding of social justice and collective action to transform economic, political and social relations, then look no further. Andrea’s strategic and analytical skills are impressive and she has a rare ability to understand, interpret and present complex information in simple, accessible ways. She is a great strategist and thought partner, has unparalleled writing skills, and is not afraid to look beyond, and push others to look beyond, the well-trodden path. Andrea has a strong track record in human rights, women’s and young people’s rights, health, empowerment and participation and is engaged in the global debate on these issues at a strategic level. I recommend Andrea without reservation.

Malika Redmond, Executive Director, Women Engaged:

Working with Andrea is a joy because she wholeheartedly commits to supporting her clients and grantee partners to have enduring success in an ever-changing world. Over the years, she has consistently brought wit, clarity of purpose, and integrity galore to every conversation and initiative we've worked on together. When I launched my organization, Women Engaged, in 2014, she was one of my first calls—I knew I'd hear invaluable coaching and receive tangible support. Today, Women Engaged is thriving, with the technical assistance and funding that is positioning us to be a sizable force for women's rights for years to come thanks to Andrea's longstanding partnership!   

Sherry Leiwant, Co-President, A Better Balance:

I am the head of a non-profit whose mission is to support workers at all income levels so that they need not sacrifice their economic security to care for their families. Although based in New York, in 2013 we opened an office in the South hoping to expand workplace women's rights there and we sought advice from Andrea. Her insights and ideas for moving forward—which organizations to partner with, which frames to use when talking about our issues, how to craft good strategies—were incredibly useful to us. Andrea is thoughtful, creative and really sensitive to the needs of working women and an excellent partner in developing strategy and thinking through how to implement it. We are extremely grateful for the time she took over several years to help us make a success of our southern office.