A Better Balance: Supporting a national feminist litigation and policy organization working to advance the rights of pregnant women, parents, and caregivers in the workplace to strategically expand, communicate, and resource its work, particularly in the U.S. South. (2017-present)

Association for Women's Rights in Development: Supporting planning, implementation, and documentation of the Feminist Resource Mobilization Hub at the 2016 AWID International Forum, Feminist Futures: Building Collective Power for Rights and Justice. (2016)

Astraea Lesbian Foundation for Justice: Facilitating the development and preliminary implementation of a theory of change, as well as a learning and evaluation framework, for Astraea’s domestic and global grant-making, support for movements, and philanthropic advocacy on gender justice and LGBTQI rights. (2016-present)

Carolina Youth Action Project: Board development support and core team coaching for a feminist youth collective that centers political education and community organizing to build power among girls, trans youth, and gender nonconforming youth in South Carolina. (2019)

CREA Institute: Based on an internal and external audit, developing recommendations for an institution-wide approach to strategic communications for a global feminist human rights organization based in India that works globally to advance the rights of women and girls and the sexual and reproductive freedom of all people. (2016-17)

Ford Foundation: As part of a team of Ford program staff and external consultants, participating in a year-long process designed to deepen the Ford Foundation's and its peers in national philanthropy's knowledge of the progressive and philanthropic infrastructure in the U.S. South, and capacity to lift up and learn from Southern leadership in and approaches to advancing social justice, with deliberate attention to dynamics of race and gender. (2017-18)

Ford Foundation: Conducting a targeted landscape analysis of gender and reproductive justice organizing in the United States to support the Foundation's strategy development for grantmaking on Gender, Racial, and Ethnic Justice. (2016)

Foundation for a Just Society: With co-consultant Supriya Pillai of Vision & Ink, designing and facilitating a strategic planning process for a growing private foundation focused on advancing the rights of marginalized women, girls, and LGBTQI people in the US and around the world. (2017-18)

FRIDA - The Young Feminist Fund: Coordinating the planning and facilitation of a funder-activist dialogue on resourcing young feminist activism around the world. (2017)

Global Fund for Women & Mama Cash: With co-consultant Katrina Anderson, soliciting feedback on how the world's largest global women's funds can strengthen their strategies for supporting women's funds and explore opportunities for strategic coordination and collaboration with each other and with the global community of women's funds. (2017-18)

Groundswell Fund: Providing outreach and dissemination support for Groundswell's Rapid Response Fund for Reproductive Justice in the United States, with an emphasis on supporting grassroots work led by women of color. (2016)

Heising-Simons Foundation: Advising on the development and growth of the Foundation's grantmaking in areas of emerging interest. (2016 & 2017)

ISDAO - Initiative Sankofa d'Afrique de l'Ouest: Supporting the development of an emerging fund to support LGBTQ rights and organizing in Francophone and Anglophone West Africa. (2017-present)

JASS Associates: Planning and facilitating a staff workshop on strategic communications for a global feminist movement-building organization. (2016)

Jessie Smith Noyes Foundation: Providing program and operational support to the Executive Director of a private foundation focused on social justice grantmaking to advance environmental justice, reproductive rights, sustainable agriculture and food systems, and cross-movement collaboration. (2016-17)

Lineage Project: Planning and facilitating a participatory staff retreat for a small, growing non-profit that provides mindfulness programs, including yoga and meditation, to incarcerated and vulnerable young people in New York City. (2016)

Mississippi Low-Income Childcare Initiative: Coordinating the development and implementation of a learning, monitoring, and evaluation framework, with an emphasis on how to advance a state-level women’s economic security agenda from a gender and racial justice perspective in a conservative political environment. (2016-2019)

NoVo Foundation: With co-consultants Strength in Numbers and Allie Yee, gathering lessons learned from the Advancing Adolescent Girls’ Rights Team’s open call for letters of inquiry from local organizations working to advance the rights of girls of color in the United States. (2018-present)

Philanthropy Advancing Women’s Human Rights (PAWHR): Support for planning and facilitation of a membership meeting bringing together staff and leadership from private foundations focused on advancing women’s human rights and strengthening feminist movements globally.

Urgent Action Fund for Women's Human Rights: Coordinating the planning and facilitation of a meeting of US-based rapid response funders; supporting the program team to reflect on their strategy and practice of grantmaking. (2017-18; 2018-present)

Urgent Action Fund for Women's Rights - Latin America: Facilitating the development of a five-year strategic plan for a Latin American feminist fund that provides rapid response support for women human rights defenders while working to strengthen collective safety and sustainability for the movements they are part of. (2017)

Wellspring Philanthropic Fund: Supporting the review of the Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (SOGI) program’s strategic plan through individual and collective staff reflection. (2019)